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1064 b long pulse laser hair removal operation should pay attention to what? How is the effect?

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
1064 b long pulse laser hair removal operation should pay attention to what? How is the effect?

excess body hair or facial hair affects millions of women, more and more men are also embarrassed because of the excessive body hair. Over the years people have tried all sorts of methods, razor shave, dewaxing, absorb and chemical depilatories, but are only temporarily solve the problem, including unhairing relatively effective, but when the pain of patients to accept. In the 90 s, with the development of laser technology and clinical application, laser hair removal, with its convenient and quick, become the characteristics of the main means to remove excess hair. Leg vein, blood capillary dilate, and facial wrinkles is also long plagued the patient's problem, however, using the long pulse laser can be a very good operating this kind of problem, is a kind of operating mode is better choice. < / P>
< P> 1, the laser wavelength of beautiful < / P>
< P> laser to remove hair must meet two important conditions, : laser can fully absorbed by the hair follicle tissue; Second, the laser can effectively through the skin to the hair follicle. Long pulse laser wavelength of 1064 nm, in the near infrared region of the spectrum, melanin absorption is better, at the same time, deep can penetrate to the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, apply to different area and depth of the hair follicle, remove any part of the human body and the depth of hair. < / P>
< P> for the leg veins and capillaries expansion, problems such as the target tissue Oxyhemoglobin, using selective absorption of the target tissue, long pulse laser by using the principle of pulse width is wide, that in the thermal buffer effect time to achieve the purpose of operating target tissue. < / P>
< P> 2, hair removal effect is good or bad, have to do with the hair growth cycle? < / P>
< P> hair growth can be divided into three periods: the growing season, regression phase and stationary phase. Different parts have different hair growth cycle. Laser of retrograde phase, stationary phase of the hair has no obvious effect, only such as hair growing cycle to work. So, need to by repeated laser hair removal effect is obvious. < / P>
< P> in the operation, the hair is in growth period, the smaller the ratio of operating frequency is, the more, on the contrary, the proportion of the growing cycle, the more the effect of the operation, the better. Such as the scalp, beard, upper lip hair growing cycle respectively is 85%, the proportion of 70%, 65%. And armpit hair, bikini, chest growth period accounted for only 30%, arm, leg hair growing up in the proportion of small, only accounts for 20%. Thus it can be seen hair removal effect is good or bad, and the hair growth cycle is related to the frequency and the number of times and operation. < / P>
< P> 3, what are the contraindications to laser hair removal? < / P>
< P> prior to laser hair removal, the doctor will ask for details of the patient's relevant information, if any of the following circumstances prohibited laser hair removal: A, A history of scar. B, operating area XianZheng infection or history of herpes simplex infection. C, in six weeks had to use other ways to depilate ( Such as solvent dewaxing, light sensitive drugs) 。 D, pregnant women. E, a tan. < / P>
< P> 4, what are the considerations for laser hair removal? < / P>
< P> should be paid attention to get laser hair removal: A, hair must be cut off before operation, because the hair of the visible laser burning caused by high fever and local skin damage, can also lead to laser hand with irreversible damage. B, avoid water three days after operation, to prevent infection. C, pay attention to prevent bask in, after the operation to avoid pigmentation. < / P>

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