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1550 dot matrix laser operation of acne

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
1550 lattice laser operation of acne experience
< P > 1550 lattice laser focus on atrophic scar, facial reconstruction, acne has good operation effect, the following together to share with you about the operation of acne tips: < / P >
< P > acne is due to our skin is not very good clean, and pore jams long lead to a large number of anaerobic bacteria breeding, and destroy normal tissue and form, so we can choose to becoming deeply clean water oxygen as we step operation of acne. < / P >
< P > step 2: we can use a needle to acne and acne acne gently squeeze big pus Pao type, and then the pressure with oxygen into water clean down again, this can be part of the anaerobic bacteria. < / P >
< P > the third step: lattice laser in 1550, with a little energy whole face sweep again, achieve thermal anesthesia effect, and reduce the pain of the customers, the second time and energy density is slightly larger. < / P >
< P > the third step: postoperative active use micronas improve product, this can achieve good effect, and can reduce the complications. < / P >
< P > step 4: acne patients after 1550 lattice laser Suggestions with physiological saline wipe 1 - every day 2 times, such not only can make improve good absorption, and can reduce acne occur again. < / P >
< P > postoperative sunscreen as important, prevent bask in work didn't make it is easy to produce color heavy, the phenomenon such as allergies, and to a large number of compensatory nutrition and moisture, so as to achieve good results. < / P >
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