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2018 Multi-Frequency / Viora Re Action/ RF skin lifting & tightening machine

2018 Multi-Frequency / Viora Re Action/ RF skin lifting & tightening machine

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2018  Multi-Frequency / Viora Re Action/ RF skin lifting & tightening machine


Product Description


3 different treatment tips:


BC(Body Contour):RF+ Vacuum


FC(Body Contour): RF+ Vacuum


ST(Skin Tightening):RF only.


Can be for 8 different body part treatment.




A Anti-Aging:Skin Lift, Face Contour, V shape Face, wrinkles removal,light eye darker circle, better black bag, accelerate metabolism .


B. Body Contour:Body Contour, Remove Butterfly Sleeve, repair wounded skin tissue  after surgery, repair stretch marks, wrinkles, scar and so on. 


Principle of  Skin-tightening for aging & lax skin on the face and body:

(1)Vacuum Negative Pressure

4 Level of different Vacuum Negative Pressure, to make sure the RF energy for deeper penetration, stimulate metabolism of part fat tissue, accelerate the blood circulation, promote lymphatic flow, rebuild collagen chaining.

(2)Multi-Frequency RF technology.

     4 Modes of RF working:

     Single: 0.8Mhz

     Single: 1.7Mhz

     Single: 2.45 Mhz

     Mixed Frequency: 0.8Mhz,1.7Mhz,2.45Mhz.

     It is depending on the treatment requirement to set up parameters:

     0.8Mhz is deep to fat layer

     1.7Mhz is deep to collagen layer

     2.45Mhz is deep to epidermal layer

     Mixed Frequency is for all of above three skin layers.



Advantages of  Skin-tightening for aging & lax skin on the face and body:


Unique and first company in china to produce this new technology from Israel, very good competition than other beauty machines.

A.(Live Effect, after 30 minutes treatment )

Skin tightening forthwith, face contour, better wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, Refine Pores.


 B.(Lasting Effect:After 1 year and half-3 years, even 5 years by individual clinical case, it is depending personal difference at daily care and age, lasting time is different too)heating stimulate to start repair of skin, activate collagen tissue, generate new collagen, after treatment, skin is better, for long lasting tightening and smooth effect.

Specification of  Skin-tightening for aging & lax skin on the face and body:






RF Power



130J /CM/3










2.45 MHZ

2.45 MHZ

2.45 MHZ


0.8MHZ,1.7MHZ,2.45 MHZ

0.8MHZ,1.7MHZ,2.45 MHZ

0.8MHZ,1.7MHZ,2.45 MHZ





Treatment Area







210-230 VAC;50/60Hz,




Clinical Test




Excellent&Professional service:

2 Years Guarantee

All days technical support

Service hot Line 



Company Information

Shanghai Vanoo Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai City, Putuo Zhangjiang hi tech park, is a collection of independent research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of the national high-tech enterprise, Shanghai laser association director unit and  China Laser Beauty Association executive committee member units.

Shanghai Vanoo Technology Co., Ltd. is created  since 2003, has been closely with the international market demand, relying on the CAS Shanghai institute of LASER, Shanghai LASER institute, Shanghai jiaotong university and other research institutions, and master the cutting-edge technology field, learning and research the world latest achievements in LASER medical equipment industry, successfully developed: IPL - SHR, DIODE LASER, RF, E - Light, Nd: YAG, Er: YAG, PDT&LED, Fractional LASER on behalf of the world's advanced level, such as LASER cosmetic surgery equipment, with excellent quality LASER cosmetic solutions for customers in the world.And successfully build a Bonni, Vanoo industry leading brand.We increased R & D investment in the application of Internet and laser hairdressing technology, leading the development of the industry.



Q1: Whats the delivery time?

We'll deliver within 4 working days after your payment.Normally ,it takes 3-4 working days to arrive. 


Q2: Do you have any timely technology supports?

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, webcam, online chat (Skype ,Whats APP, Viber, Wechat ,MSN, yahoo manager,alibaba trademanager ). 


Q3:What about Training?

Once you buy our machines,we supply professional training for you. Detailed user manual and online service are training basis. Moreover, we could teach step by step about machine usage and treatment operation according to your need.Online service will be always provided after training finish.


Q4: Whats the payment method?

T/T, WESTERN UNION, ESCROW,Paypal,Bank Transfer,Cash or Contact us


Q5: If the machines broken during the shipment, will you support us?

Generally our customer will purchase the insurance before shipment, avoid any money lost from rough transportation.We will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.


Q6: How many Languages your machines support ?

All our machines support any languages you want , it is depends on your needs ,our default language is English .

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There are no sharp corners or edges on this product, hence, people have no worry that it will cause harm to them if it accidentally falls down. The product performs beautifully, lasting throughout people's busy day, while it nourishes, renews and rejuvenates the skin.
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