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4 Electrical Eye Mask Machine for eye beauty, Anti Puffiness

4 Electrical Eye Mask Machine for eye beauty, Anti Puffiness

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Bonni Home use RF  eye beauty machine + electrical eye mask for beauty eye system.(Dark Circles, Anti Puffiness Machine)

Most advanced eye beauty system in china and all of the world.

85% absorbing active ingredient

40-43 degree temperatuer control to make sure the 85% absorbing active ingredient

RF+ actove ingredient+ Massage

RF machine+ Advanced electrical eye mask( DHA, Collagen,Acmella oleracea)


Excellent result for: Dark Circles, Anti-pulffiness, Dry Wrinkles, Tine Wrinkels, Skin lifting and tightening acround eye)


Description of technology and advantages as following:


 Bonni Intelligent eye beauty machine(R100E) is special for eye beauty with RF technology, and match with  electrical eye mask( Not ordinary) to make active ingredient absorbing rate above 85% with RF power energy.
1.Bonni intelligent eye beauty machine:   Technology: From France, and we apply patent   Principle:     BONNI Eye care system utilizes the latest technology in France - precise temperature control can effectively control the precise value of the temperature of the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue layer. It utilizes the given electromagnetism frequency which matches with resistance of human body and adopts precision temperature controlling technology to make anode ion and cathode ion move fast guided by electronic eye patch, which would generate different heating effect on the target skin around the eyes. This process will rebuild new collagen, activate cell, plump the skin around the eyes and improve the micro blood circulation naturally. So Bonni Eye care system can eliminate dry lines, fine lines, dark eye circles, edematous eye pouch, and tighten the skin around eyes immediately.  


Precision temperature controlling technology: Experiment indicates that when the temperature reaches 40 to 50°C, the collagen in the Dermal layer will tighten and regenerate immediately and brings immediate effects of firming and rearrangement of collagen fibers. Combination of humanity, science and technology-based e-Mask technology,Bonni Electronic patch can ensure the essence import rate of 85%.


2. Bonni inttelligent eye mask:

    Active ingredient:

    Acmella oleracea extract 



    Most important that is designed as electrical eye mask to use with machine together, will make absorbing rate above 85%.

    Can be used twice for one customer

    12 times/period of treatment



3.Cost and benefit

   Eye bueauty is very important, and the machine and mask will be new concept and better effectiveness to customer.

   The span machine at least: 2 years,  it is disposable investment for you

   Eye mask can be used twice:  2.5usd/treatment for you. But can bring you sustaining profit and high reputation.


People who have used this product said that it has a good cooling effect, which greatly improves the efficiency of their business. This was a great size. It's not as big as I could have gone but it's just enough! I would like to wear it every day. - Said one of our customers.
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