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980 red blood silk instrument operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
980 red blood silk operating apparatus

red blood silk easy to appear on the face, not only affects people's beautiful appearance, but also caused a certain degree of psychological burden, bring inconvenience to people's life and work. 980 red blood silk operating apparatus can help people solve the trouble of red blood silk, remove red blood silk quickly and repeatedly probability is small, now we know about the 980 red blood silk operating apparatus in detail.

the MM of skin fair-skinneds in vain, corneous layer is thinner, faintly in white with red blood vessels under the skin, this is not the impression of & other; White inside deeply red & throughout; , but rather disturbing red blood silk. 980 red blood silk operating instrument USES the overseas energy specific wavelength of optical fiber technology will remove red blood silk, break the hemoglobin inside the capillaries, make it into small molecules absorbed by the organization, the expansion of the capillaries is shrinkage and solidified, 980 laser to red blood silk instrument can according to different parts of the red blood silk, let you have a smooth and delicate skin again. After 980 laser to red blood silk should pay attention to the following points:

1, according to the skin reaction after operation weight appropriate for cold compresses.

2, after operation can't use of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, clean out, iodine volts, erythromycin ointment, lest leave pigmentation.

3, skin operation area 3 days not touch water, can not use irritating skin care products: such as soap, facial cleanser, avoid is used a type of product.

4, face if there is scabby, no peeling off by hand, their own metabolism.

5 go to after red blood silk, laser peels, sauna, don't use inferior in daily skin care cosmetics and skin, peeling, products containing hormones.

6, fasting, spicy food, seafood hair content, non-ferrous vegetarian foods, smoking, wine and light sensitive vegetables ( Celery, spinach, coriander and white radish, etc. ) 。

this is simple introduction of 980 red blood silk operating instrument, red blood silk does give people a lot of troubles, and 980 red blood silk operation apparatus can remove red blood silk, restore the original state of the skin, solve a lot of trouble, if you have any other questions

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