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A common question answering semiconductor laser hair removal

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Semiconductor laser hair removal common q&a

beauty salon hair removal project is very hot now, mainly because people pay more and more attention to their own image, and now the hot summer months, more and more people choose the beauty salon hair removal. Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is a special hair removal device, a lot of beauty parlour will choose to use, but the hair removal in the customer heart is still have some questions about the matter, the small make up to now for semiconductor laser hair removal common q&a for everyone.

1, the semiconductor laser hair removal can achieve the result of hair removal?

a: 808 hair removal instrument using a specially designed multiple pulse semiconductor laser, in the selection of the mode of low energy density hair follicles were heated to 75 ℃ or so, sliding 10 hz laser makes the hair follicles remain at this temperature for a period of time, hair follicle tissue destruction is inactive, hair loss.

2, who is not suitable for semiconductor laser hair removal?

a: semiconductor laser hair removal is the role of melanin in the hair follicles, skin is black, laser hair removal instrument operation when skin may absorb part of the laser energy, to a certain extent damage skin, so skin is black or dark skin color, hair color is relatively shallow, not suitable for laser hair removal.

3, any parts of the hair, can use laser hair removal equipment removal?

a: is ok. 808 laser hair removal equipment specialized operating system, according to the hair of different people, such as energy, parameters can be performed to adjust to achieve better combination, is suitable for human body hair removal. But different parts of the hair is different, may need a operation times is not the same effect.

4, laser hair removal will be pain?

808 semiconductor laser hair removal equipment is a professional hair removal device, the contact of the cooling system, to people in the process of hair removal skin intact, will not have the feeling of discomfort, is relatively comfortable, and will not damage the human body normal skin tissue, is more quickly and efficiently.

this is for you to do a common question answering questions of semiconductor laser hair removal, semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is a popular hair removal equipment, stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , Shanghai currently popular model 808 fl, al 808,

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