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After laser wash tattoo machine operation will leave scar

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
After laser wash tattoo machine operation will leave scar?

people tattoo is not what strange things, or in pursuit of fashion and personality charm, or on behalf of a certain meaning, but when this newness in the past, want to wash the tattoo is not an easy thing. Laser wash tattoo is a kind of method, can help people quickly wash tattoo, but after laser wash tattoo machine operation will leave scar?

laser wash tattoo is not people think it is a can wash, is according to the actual circumstance of tattoo can be washed out by the many times. Such as deep heavy tattoo pigment, takes eight or nine times to wash clean, on the contrary, hierarchy shallow shallow lighter tattoo pigment, can clean may need three or four times. Generally speaking, laser wash tattoo is need many times to complete operation.

laser wash tattoo is now very popular a kind of method, laser wash tattoo machine is using a laser can into deep skin pigment particles, to break it into pigment particles, the pigment particles are phagocytes or the lymphatic circulation of the blood system. According to different color, the size of the tattoo, choose a different wavelength of laser, so that you can remove tattoo is very clean. Due to the effect of a particular wavelength has the choice of the laser, there is no damage to normal skin, suggest that institutions in formal beauty laser wash tattoo, combined with proper postoperative nursing methods, general won't leave scars.

after laser wash tattoo machine operation will leave scar? The answer is no, but can't be ignored of postoperative nursing work. After laser wash tattoo, for example, must pay attention to remove red anti-inflammatory, do not touch the operating parts freely by hand, not to eat greasy excitant food tartly, etc. ,

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