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Alexandrite hair removal equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Alexandrite hair removal instrument

hair removal equipment is divided into a lot of kinds, have use 808 nm semiconductor laser hair removal device, a series of multifunctional e light beauty meter, also have use 755 nm of alexandrite laser hair removal equipment, this article introduce the three small make up about hair removal equipment.

first said e light hair removal device, e is a kind of multi-functional beauty instrument is known to all, including hair removal is one of the types of its effect is good, in addition it can also remove spots, broken capillaries, acne and tender skin. For hair removal project alone e light can achieve depilation, only used in hair removal is 610 - 1200 nm the wavelengths of light, so there will be a part of is absorbed by the skin instead of melanin in the hair follicles, which also led to the nerves and blood vessels in the dermal papilla in the epidermis for energy and more, the pain is appropriate, but the pain is good, like bitten by ants, ordinary people can bear.

alexandrite 755 nm laser hair removal machines use, is a kind of laser hair removal technology, the principle of similar e light hair removal, and using the melanin in hair follicles absorb energy and thermal coagulation dermal papilla, unable to supply energy for hair growth. 755 nm laser is more suitable for Asian people a laser hair removal, but the 755 nm is not hair melanin absorption peaks, thus launched 808 nm semiconductor laser hair removal device, semiconductor laser is suitable for Asian hair removal laser, and because the skin pigment less wasted energy, so there won't be a big pain when do hair removal, the personage inside course of study generally called 808 semiconductor laser hair removal is a freezing point hair removal instrument. And say to the 755 nm laser, small make up think that this is not a good choice, because the first price must be less than e light cosmetic instrument series, waxing professional degrees and less than 808 semiconductor laser.

that is brought by the small make up the introduction of alexandrite hair removal instrument and other hair removal instrument, want to give you the choose and buy of providing some help, interested customers can be found on our website product center to know the detailed parameters, etc.

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