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Can laser cosmetic instrument operation chloasma

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic instrument operation chloasma will

laser cosmetic instrument is Shanghai's flagship beauty instruments, Shanghai method of laser cosmetic instrument is divided into several series, including electro-optical tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, semiconductor laser hair removal device, etc. Different laser cosmetic instrument has different use, below, we'll learn about laser cosmetic instrument in the operating effect how chloasma. Because a lot of friends will care about, the use of laser cosmetic instrument operation chloasma, small make up for you to look at.

the first to know about the clinical and histopathologic chloasma.

clinical manifestations:

1, mainly happens on the facial symmetry distribution of brown pigmentation spots or patch samples, also known as melasma, pregnancy spots, leather patches.

2, color is brown.

3, pigment spot for multiple at first, part can be gradually merge.

4, related to the season, insolation, endocrine.

5, self-conscious symptom self-healing tendency, not uplift in the skin, not sag in the skin.


in the epidermis melanin increased, or the dermis melanin melanin in increasing or both are increasing.

laser cosmetic instrument is a use of light caused by blasting principle to remove the skin pigment of beauty equipment, according to its operation principle, when using laser cosmetic instrument operation chloasma, laser quickly reached by the operating position, make the blasting fragmentation of pigment, part of skin out of the body, part of the body's lymphatic loop out of the body, with the corresponding nursing, can operate all kinds of skin pigment spots.

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