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Chloasma killer

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Killer - of chloasma Laser cosmetic instrument

chloasma, that no stranger to everyone, it is common in both cheeks or frontal symmetric distribution. Is a kind of brown spots or patch sample pigmentation. Usually also known as melasma, pregnancy spots, malar rash, pregnancy spots, leather patches. It cause there are many kinds of disease, such as pregnancy, birth control pills, sun exposure, chronic liver damage, or take some neural inhibitors such as drugs can also lead to the emergence of chloasma. Because of its appear in the person's face, so, let friends special helpless chloasma. How do you remove chloasma? Don't worry, just like everything is on the natural enemy, chloasma also have their natural enemies, the method of laser cosmetic instrument. It is a special operation chloasma pigmentary skin problems such as beauty equipment, can be said is spot & other Killer & throughout; 。 Below, we come to know something about this & other; Killer & throughout; 。

method of laser cosmetic instrument series, used for operating a hairdressing instrument of chloasma electro-optic tuning Q laser series. Using electro-optic Q model, instantaneous emission laser energy smash diseased tissue basement. Will be break part of the basement from skin out of the body, usually through lymphatic loop out of the body, as it is a process of diseased tissue base will gradually decrease and eventually disappear, and the surrounding tissue is almost unaffected. The laser cosmetic instrument, can be in does not affect the patients life and the work easily under the condition of removing chloasma. Realize the tender skin, fade melanin, tender skin effect.

Shanghai stefano, always adhere to the & other; For customer service is stefano reason to exist throughout the &; The principle of development. Its production of beauty equipment are through strict test, with all instruments, effective. If you are

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