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Co2 laser avi instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Co2 laser avi instrument

co2 laser avi instrument is used long beauty salon, hospital skin instruments, especially the use of co2 laser cosmetic instrument in the domestic market in addition to wrinkles, failure to change skin resistance mechanism is very much. Today let's take a look at carbon dioxide laser avi instrument effect how?

co2 laser avi instrument USES a 10600 - nm carbon dioxide laser technology, through the way of hole to the skin, make skin to start the self-healing mechanism, pushing aging collagen metabolism, a large number of new collagen, supporting the dermis, which helped with wrinkle effacement, facial contour was improved, the face tight and elastic.

say carbon dioxide laser instrument can, in addition to the operation can have the effect of ageing, various spots will be very good to the skin to remove. Big pores, blackheads, dull skin, and so on situation will be improved in the process of operation. Basically using co2 laser operation, skin like new, so we call it change skin instrument.

because lattice co2 laser equipment in operation will produce certain hole, therefore need to use to keep skin nutrition after operation, postoperative care products, and to avoid direct sun.

co2 laser instrument at present there are two grades, respectively is glass tube carbon dioxide and rf excitation of carbon dioxide, short service life of glass tube because carbon dioxide instrument, operation power is not stable so cheap but we don't recommend customers to buy. 10600 ch rf co2 laser instrument performance is stable, belong to the end product, suitable for most beauty institutions, upgraded with casing can be used as a vaginal operation instrument, is a high performance carbon dioxide instruments, if you are

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