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Collagen lattice laser cultivating beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser collagen cultivating beauty is

after 25 years old woman was full of collagen gradually began to erosion, the secret of staying young is to keep the collagen is sufficient, so if you want to young you need implantation of collagen, stimulate collagen in raw, and lattice laser just can stimulate collagen, let the woman keep young appearance.

lattice laser cosmetic instrument is between invasive and a kind of operation, at the site of the focal spot directly penetrate can produce a certain amount of stripped, hot solidification, form a diameter of about 0. 12 mm holes, depth of about 2 mm ( The depth of elastic fibrous degeneration of solar sex and big depth related) Apparent thermal effect, heating effect can make collagen contraction, can produce a lot of collagen, make dermal architecture reconstruction, effective implementation of fight decline, smooth the scar and acne, remove stretch marks, flat wart, etc.

stefano 60 w private lattice CO2 laser operation, stable, output graphics including triangle/square/rectangle/diamond, for there is no suitable graphics for the skin area, make the effect, at the same time, the equipment, besides can do facial collagen cultivated with private operation head can do private fight decline, the illicit close tight, maintenance effect.

collagen cultivating please select stefano beauty equipment manufacturer to 60 w lattice of carbon dioxide laser operation,

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