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E dispelling the spot light equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light remove spots instrument

what kind of instrument function if it must be more e light beauty instruments, all types of e light beauty equipment can be used to remove stains, hair removal, operating red blood silk, tender skin, acne, operation some models can do waves even lift with laser wash eyebrow. Small make up today is mainly about the e light remove spots apparatus remove splash function, it is how to remove spots on earth? Which spot can remove? Remove splash effect how?

E dispelling the spot light instrument be used IPL intense pulsed light technology or OPT pulse light technology when remove spots, is that the direct effects on light by the operating parts of a skin, and the melanin in the skin can absorb light energy is converted into heat energy, because the melanin spots parts very concentrated so absorbed light energy, the heat energy produced is always together. When the heat energy to an extent makes the melanin cell thermal coagulation, hot solidification melanin will slowly rise to skin or as normal slowly disappear.

because e light beauty equipment in dispelling the spot is used in the operation of the contact area is larger, so the number of spots more operation very, for example, especially to the operation of the freckles to the operation of the department of comprehensive freckles is very convenient. But it was also because of operating head area is larger, cause the instrument of energy per unit area is lesser, not enough to operate dermal spots; Head lead to larger area operation can't timely heat dissipation, so cannot be used for operation sheet.

integrated above all content, e light eliminating splash instrument for skin dotted spot operation effect is very good, like freckles, spots, dot color sink after inflammation, skin dotted chloasma, etc. , but for dermal spots, and flaky spots we don't recommend operation, if you are going to do at the same time the spot the operation of professional remove spots instruments - you can consider Tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument.

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