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E light beauty equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Multi-function e light beauty equipment

now beauty has become a fashion and trend of science and technology, more and more people choose to go to beauty institutions to change their image, beauty salon for hairdressing instruments play a role of also more and more attention. If there is a beauty equipment to carry out tender skin and hair removal, freckle spots, black rim of the eye, such as a variety of projects, is it not a noble deed for beauty salon, and multi-functional e light beauty instrument can achieve the desire of the beauty industry bosses.

e light beauty equipment is one of the common type, is also a beauty salon application more beauty equipment, small make up also frequently asked how e light beauty equipment function and cost performance. Multi-function e light beauty equipment main assembled IPL, RF, and skin cooling technology, with intelligent, non stripped skin reconstruction system, selectively synergy in target, tender skin, remove spots, anti-wrinkle, hair removal effect is obvious.

multifunction e light beauty equipment can penetrate the skin deep, selective effects on the skin pigment or blood vessels, decompose splash, close the abnormal blood, remove all sorts of flaws on your skin. E light also can stimulate the skin collagen hyperplasia, restore skin elasticity and tension, make your skin young and healthy luster. In addition, e light beauty equipment can improve the skin, balance sebum secretion, the contraction pore, improve dark circles, eye bags, fade out fine lines around eyes, etc. , is a high ratio of beauty salon equipment.

currently, multi-function e light beauty instrument popular major, S1C S1C + + +, recommend S7C opt adsorption instrument, the machine is very popular with the salon. If you are

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