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E light beauty, hair removal effect how

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty, hair removal effect how

hair removal is popular beauty project beauty institutions, unwanted hair brings not only the influence of appearance, but also cause psychological burden. E light beauty, a common form of beauty equipment, not only can tender skin, remove spots and wrinkles, etc. , can also achieve depilation, but e light beauty, hair removal effect how?

e light beauty machine is more practical multi-function cosmetology instrument, the use of a particular wavelength of photons penetrate the skin to the hair follicle, light energy is absorbed by the melanin content more wool bursa adequately, light energy is converted into heat energy, makes the hair follicle, the temperature rise sharply and wool tit atrophy, hair loss, achieve the result of hair removal. E light beauty, hair removal will not affect the perspiration function, also won't hurt normal skin. E light beauty, hair removal has the following advantages:

1, reliable: e light hair removal operation process does not harm the skin, side effects to the body, and operation process also won't feel pain.

2, intact skin: e light hair removal system according to the principle of selective solar-thermal high accuracy and high resistance, effectively protect the normal skin, damage, heated.

3, wide using range: e light hair removal for arms and legs, armpits, chest hair back, bikini line and other parts of the body of excess hair can obtain good hair removal effect, make skin smooth and exquisite, is advantageous for the dress.

e light beauty, hair removal effect how? After a small make up a simple introduction, believe that many teachers have a clear understanding of. E light beauty instrument is able to achieve hair removal effect, but not a removal, according to the actual circumstance of everyone,

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