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E light beauty, how to get to freckles

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty, how to get to the freckles

common pigment spots, freckles is a very easy to happen in the female friends, affect facial appearance image, it adds a lot of trouble for the love of beauty lady. E light beauty instrument operating freckle effect is very good, and it is a beauty salon commonly used instruments, however, e light beauty, how to get to the freckles?

what is freckles? Freckles is a kind of happened in insolation mottled pigmentation of the skin problems, related to seasons, sun exposure, summer ultraviolet strongly easy aggravating, the sun will also increase, after the winter. Freckles not uplift sag in the skin, without self-conscious symptom self-healing tendencies, to the sun and the exposed areas. E light beauty equipment is the IPL, RF radio frequency technology and intense pulsed light epidermis cooling technology for the integration of intelligent systems, intense pulsed light can decompose the epidermis basement, cooperate with RF radio frequency energy, give full play to the role of field divided mottled pigment cracking freckles, good fast to remove freckles.

e light beauty instrument before going to the freckles, need in operation place daub cold gel, wearing dark glasses to protect his eyes, avoid suffering from strong light. E light beauty instrument operating freckles, there may be a little pain, similar to the rubber band playing it gently on the skin feeling, is a normal range. Skin will have slight redness and burning, but this is normal, will disappear gradually returned to normal, and e light beauty instrument have skin cooling technology, does not damage the normal skin tissue, and beauty to the experience of freckles is relatively good.

e light beauty, how to get to freckles? E light can not only be good to remove freckles, can also help the beauty salon for hair removal, to red blood silk, tender skin, such as a variety of projects, multi-usage, save a lot of investment cost. Shanghai's company has a variety of styles of e light beauty instrument, if you just interested

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