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E light beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light skin,

facial skin as our natural a garment, and exposed for a long time, more or less will suffer some damage, and we want this bare skin defense for us for a long time, so we need to have good beauty instrument, such as e light skin, effectively solve the skin problems may arise, let our skin restore luster and flexibility.

today, e light beauty instrument peremptory has become the darling of the salon, get the favour of the salon. E light beauty instrument effect significantly, tender skin, can remove spots, hair removal and wrinkles, it made up for the inadequacy of the laser, with full spectrum light, skin QiSeGuang spectrum can be selectively absorb, for normal skin tissue won't cause harm, can operate the whole facial defects.

IPL and e light beauty instrument is the combination of RF technology, the use of hemoglobin and pigment group to light the principle of the selective absorption of pyrolysis, make the target tissue, without damage to normal skin tissues, especially under the premise of skin tissue, make the target tissue pigment decomposition to achieve operational goals. Also use skin tissue caused by selective absorption of light target tissue and normal skin tissues impedance difference, in the case of low energy, strengthen the absorption of rf current target tissue, rely on radio frequency to achieve operation effect.

this is simple introduction of e light beauty instrument, e light beauty instrument is a kind of practical multi-function cosmetology instrument, can carry out hair removal, tender skin, remove spots and wrinkles and other projects, multi-usage, save a lot of cost for beauty institutions,

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