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E light beauty instrument, beautiful and new

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty instrument, the beautiful new

as the growth of the age, skin aging is a natural law, but not normal skin aging is worth people vigilant, often of the skin aging and external environment, internal factors have a close relationship, stefano E light beauty instrument applied to women's skin beauty provides a new method. Make millions of beauty female tender skin become a reality.

method of adsorption E light beauty instrument adopts the technology of the OPT to add E dual mode of light, the combined use of selective solar-thermal principle of IPL can strengthen the delicate skin and hair removal effect, no pain and side effects in patients under the condition of easily implement reconstruction of skin and hair removal. E light easy operation. Without prejudice to the body, remove spots, delicate skin.

at the same time of intense pulsed light after contact with skin, quickly produce photochemical effect, improve collagen and elastic fibers, prompted the cutin metabolism, can stimulate collagen second generation born, let skin restore elasticity and texture. In addition, the light of action, can strengthen the function of blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation, thus, fade out fine lines, eliminate black rim of the eye, shrink pores.

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