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E light beauty instrument for delicate skin

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty instrument for tender skin

E light delicate skin is each big do at the beauty salon project, however, through the method of successive training to customers when, found a lot of customers will only use E light beauty equipment tender skin, to their clients do not understand the principle of the instrument. Now, here small make up to add this knowledge, the hope can help you.

E light beauty equipment, is a use of skin reconstruction principle to operate the skin pigmentary lesions of beauty equipment. Especially for such as freckles, spots mottled within the skin pigment operation effect is extremely significant. This is a skin cooling technology, intense pulsed light technology and RF radio frequency (RF) technology for the integration of intelligent systems. It can be on the premise of full protection for skin tender skin, remove spots and implementation to strengthen the effect of hair removal. Under the condition of the patients with comfortable, easy skin reconstruction.

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