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E light beauty instrument operation of acne

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty instrument operating acne

acne operation has always been there are a lot of ways, more mainstream useful methods are divided into two kinds, one kind is product acne, acne is a kind of instrument. Acne removing products because there are many limitations here small make up no longer description, the instrument can operate good acne acne cosmetic instrument very much, also no longer introduced here, and this article, small make up to introduce E light beauty instrument operation of acne technique, parameters, and some common considerations.

the first answer you a question first: E light beauty instrument operation effect of acne? This is from the E light beauty instrument is the operating principle, E light beauty, emission of light energy by acne propionic acid bacillus absorbed by porphyrin metabolism, after being absorbed by porphyrin will generate singlet oxygen, singlet oxygen can be directly acne propionic acid bacillus ( Because the acne propionic acid bacillus is anaerobic bacteria) 。 And E light beauty instrument RF function and contraction of the sebaceous glands, sebaceous glands contraction can reduce the secretion of sebum, skin oil control effect.

so E light beauty instrument operating acne specific how should operate? Because there are various forms of acne, so before the operation we must clean up, according to different forms to do targeted to facilitate operation. For acne, abscess such must needle, needle cleaning is completed, such as inflammation, almost faded again daub cold gel made from E light beauty apparatus, if it is papula that don't have to clear the needle, and at the same time should pay attention to is the E light beauty, acne ripening function operation, after operation can produce pustules, pustules first needle clean again after the creation of operation is good.

E light beauty instrument operation is commonly used in acne is 7 to 15 days, when pimples is long also can shorten the time. Also need to be aware of is that use E light beauty instrument, hair follicle mouth may remain some cold gel, then operated by oxygen into water meter further clear the effect will be better. Introduction to finished here, if you want to

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