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E light beauty instrument which spot can be done

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty instrument which spot can do

E light beauty, with its multi-function cost-effective was deeply loved by friends beauty institutions, whether it's a big beauty chain organizations or local small shops are more or less are using or plan to use E light beauty instrument. But there are still many teachers ask small make up E light beauty instrument which spot can do? Why do some spot effect is bad how to do? Small make up today will give you details about E light beauty instrument can do spot, hope will be helpful to you.

E light beauty instrument on the market is divided into many generations now, no matter you have E light beauty instrument which generation, also many years ago to buy the photon tender skin instrument or just buy nearly adsorption E light beauty, their operating principles are the same, the difference only lies in the operation is not the same, at the same time operating process is not the same as the customer intimacy. Then cut into the theme, E light beauty instrument which spot can be done about it?

E light beauty instrument can do spot includes all skin dotted spot ( Skin dotted spots including freckles, spots, senile plaques dot pigmentation, dotted, etc. ) , we know the depth of the spot according to the position in the skin can be divided into the dermal spots and skin spots, the location of the dermal spots are deep, large operation requires energy, skin spots are the position of the light, need the energy of the small operation. Because E light beauty instrument enough energy to penetrate the dermis smash dermal spots so E light beauty instrument can only make skin spots. In addition spot depending on the area can be divided into, dotted with flake spot, dot is little by little without a piece and flaky spots is even slices. E light beauty instrument of light has a very large area, when the hair removal effect is very good, but if it is operating flaky spots may be caused because of heat dissipation is not timely burns. Need to pay special attention to is when some beauty equipment manufacturers in the sales commitment can do chloasma, this is very wrong, because some exists some leather skin first, chloasma, we can't judge whether there is a genuine leather from the naked eye or skin if without authorization is likely to stir up chloasma cause spots.

the above is all about the content of the E light beauty apparatus which can do spot, may still have no specific place, you can feel free to contact small make up, look forward to your calls.

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