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E light beauty, the freezing point

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing point e light beauty,

e light beauty instrument or photon tender skin, you may be more or less, because this kind of instrument used is very common, and it has been on the market for many years, basically can't strange beauty institutions, the freezing point e light beauty instrument? Today small make up to you to introduce in detail.

e light beauty, the freezing point is on the basis of the original photon tender skin instrument with the epidermis cooling system, for hair removal, remove spots, broken capillaries skin was full protection, does not burn, etc. Epidermis cooling system USES is sapphire or alexandrite refrigeration, the sapphire, because good permeability, high transparent, conduction ability of cold alexandrite refrigeration so popular in the market now is obviously better than the instruments were mostly sapphire refrigeration freezing point e light beauty instrument.

with the traditional e light or photon tender skin, freezing point e light beauty instrument also has remove spots, hair removal, red blood silk, tender skin, acne, such as operation function, and because it has good cooling function, reduce pain when the customer in the operating at the same time to avoid the risk of burns has increased the comfort of the operation. Specific instrument parameters you can consult us a model of the classic e + e light beauty, QQ or a model of the multifunctional HGGE is introduced. Although said freezing point e light beauty instrument has relatively good cost performance, small make up or recommend a cost-effective OPT cosmetology instrument manipulated, in addition to the stable performance and increase double operation effect and operation of the pain also greatly reduced, such as e light when waxing tingling feeling but with OPT instruments to do basic won't feel pain, OPT, of course, the price will be higher, suitable for beauty in some institutions or medical plastic surgery hospital.

in the aspect of operation freezing point e light beauty machine operation is very simple, and our instruments to store company will arrange the hairdressing technology teacher training for you so you don't have these worries, if you have other questions, please contact us.

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