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E light delicate skin, price

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light tender skin, the price of the

e light delicate skin. Skin and time, no matter in giving or by has the close relation, only when the human body after reach a certain age, the skin will gradually increase with age and aging, aging of the skin is very painful for beautiful people, but while we cannot block the skin aging, but it can slow down the aging process. How much slow aging skin, make skin aging in the elegant demeanour, sending out the youth brilliance as possible? E light tender skin, make your skin look brand-new.

HONKON e light delicate skin, skin cooling technology, high power pulse phototherapy technology and RF radio frequency (RF) technology for the integration of intelligence, not stripped the skin from sexual reconstruction system is a product of beauty equipment, make the skin recover health quickly. So, the price of the e photon tender skin instrument? The following know together.

e light delicate skin is forged by stefano rich technology co. , LTD, a photon tender skin equipment. In the production of the technology and equipment, will create new international new technology of photon tender skin and technology integration, directly from the effect on changing the nature of this kind of beauty equipment, thus method of photon tender skin meter price relatively similar technology content is slightly lower, not characteristics and equipment of high effect is poorer. But from the overall view of photon tender skin meter price is moderate.

multifunctional hairdressing method, is a method of photon tender skin meter big characteristics. Using the method of IPL technology can be heat-set epidermis basement; The combination of intelligent, to make the two energy limited focuses on the mottled skin pigment group and dermal collagen tissue and hair follicle dermal papilla. RF technology provides a uniform heating almost the total energy of the skin layer, while the combined use of selective solar-thermal principle of IPL tender skin, remove spots, and can strengthen the effect of hair removal.

Shanghai stefano is a company specialized in manufacture beauty equipment, through years of development experience, in the international and domestic beauty industry has set a good reputation and brand awareness, and its production of photon tender skin and laser beauty equipment especially by the vast number of beauty salon and customers trust

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