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E light hair removal equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light hair removal instrument

hair removal instrument has a lot of, but e light hair removal instrument may be in the numerous hair removal machine, cost-effective, although so many hair removal instrument has been available for many years has the benefit of the hundreds of millions of terminal customers, but just contact beauty equipment industry friends must still have a lot of questions, this article small make up what are the details about the hair removal instrument, and mainly introduce e light hair removal instrument.

small make up so many kinds of hair removal instrument classified according to each instrument used technology clearly grasp of the people is not too clear, then according to the pain when customers are more concerned about the hair removal. Freezing point is the semiconductor laser hair removal device, the technology is currently on the market of professional hair removal device, USES is the 808 nm laser, so customer asked small make up if laser hair removal than before for e light hair removal pain, small make up here to tell the customer that is not right. Followed by the fifth generation e light hair removal device, that is, people often say that the adsorption of e light, because the adsorption technology and sliding hair removal technology so pain compared with ordinary e light hair removal instrument is much better, of course, the operating frequency is much better.

the third hair removal equipment should be long pulse laser hair removal device, the technology of the instrument is multifunctional instrument, in addition to hair removal operation can also be red blood silk, here small make up have to mention in this article introduces the instrument is multifunctional in addition to semiconductor hair removal device, because the wavelength of semiconductor USES is suitable for hair follicles absorb light so hair removal for professional powerless but for other projects. Fourth light pain is common e light beauty instrument, although the e light hair removal instrument ranking in terms of pain, but when the technology for this kind of hair removal that is now also can endure pain, unless is very sensitive to the pain of the customer that the pain is not a big obstacle, because after all, just feel slightly acupuncture.

above all is the mainstream of hair removal apparatus, the e light hair removal instrument because of its low price and high performance/price ratio, and can carry out many projects become hair removal equipment, semiconductor hair removal instrument though good but the price is relatively high, so in the choose and buy when beauty institutions or to choose according to oneself the circumstance of the market over there.

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