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E light hair removal instrument the freezing point

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light freezing hair removal,

e freezing point light hair removal instrument

e freezing point light hair removal instrument is using intense pulsed light source of the selective principle of pyrolysis, on the premise of not damage the skin for hair removal. As short, postoperative daily activities and physical exercise, can be made without special care, has fast effect, no pain, and the skin without damage, for each part of the body and all sorts of color of hair has effect of irremediable, general 3 & ndash; 5 times can be hair removal. E light hair removal instrument is by stefano (freezing HONKON) Company's current can be used to design and manufacture all kinds of skin, human body all sorts of color of hair professional hair removal equipment. Has the characteristics of fast,,,. The equipment adopts the HONKON company IPL intense pulsed light technology, to ensure that the hair removal.

to the hair removal effect of freezing point e light hair removal instrument effect, consumers also can rest assured. In the face of normal skin damage light to illuminate, the light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft and follicle converted to heat, so as to increase hair follicle temperature; When the temperature rose to a high enough irreversible damage of hair follicle structure, has damaged hair follicle was removed after a natural physiological process, so as to achieve the purpose of sex hair removal.

e freezing point light hair removal instrument is a kind of hair removal method, possesses the advantages of fast, comfortable, and. Now with semiconductor laser hair removal system, and freezing point E light hair removal system, can according to different patients of skin color, hair area, thickness, density, such as setting the personalized operation plan of beautiful, can make your economic, fast, comfortable, and to get rid of the trouble of excess hair.

e light freezing hair removal, there has been a new compared to traditional laser hair removal, hair removal process with comfortable, effect and ideal, also differ according to patients' condition, freezing point e light hair removal treatment is different also, you also want to have patience when operating.

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