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E light multi-function equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light all-in-one

for beauty salon, e light beauty instrument is a kind of commonly used equipment, can carry out hair removal, tender skin, remove spots and wrinkles etc. Beauty project, high cost performance. In order to meet the trend of the beauty of science and technology, more and more beauty salon use e light beauty instrument, however, e light multi-function equipment which is really good?

e light multi-function equipment is a combination of intense pulsed light and radio frequency, and its core technology is that the photon system RF system + + epidermis cooling system, two kinds of energy on the target tissue at the same time, the RF radio frequency energy is able to penetrate into the skin, deep heating target tissue, stimulate collagen fiber formation; IPL energy synergy in all kinds of pigment and vascular lesions, solve various skin problems. Two kinds of energy in the case of not injure skin, reduce wrinkles and well dispel all sorts of pigment and vascular lesions.

e light beauty equipment tender skin, the freezing point can be hair removal, remove spots, acne, smoothing blain hole, fade out black rim of the eye, etc. , to help people maintain skin, also can cause, help skin to eliminate waste from the body. Compared to traditional photonic instruments, there are several important advances, operation process and comfortable, minor adverse reactions, the condition of the skin will be rapidly improved.

this is simple introduction of e light all-in-one, e light beauty instrument to carry out the project, a particular wavelength only ACTS on the target tissue, does not damage the normal tissue, and because of its high cost performance, was welcomed by the masses of the industry and certainly, Shanghai stefano e optical instrument design is more,

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