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E light multifunction instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light multifunction instrument

e light beauty instrument is a kind of beauty salon often use equipment, mainly because it is a kind of multi-functional instrument, not only can remove spots, also has tender skin, red blood silk, remove the shallow wrinkles, and other functions. This means that the beauty salon use e light multifunction instrument can not only obtain more beauty customers, but also can save a sum of investment in equipment, so e light multifunction instrument what are the advantages?

e multifunctional instrument combined use of intense pulsed light IPL, RF radio frequency technology for the integration of intelligent non stripped skin reconstruction system, under the aegis of the epidermis cooling technology, can quickly achieve depilation, remove spots, tender skin, and other functions, and will not damage the normal skin tissue, is good for beauty salon. E light multifunction instrument basically has the following advantages:

fast effective: e light beauty, operating a wide range, the rate of fast for different spots on the improvement of the overall effective, not only effectively solve the problem of all kinds of spots, improved operating fine wrinkles on the surface of the skin at the same time, the big pores and other skin problems.

not repeatedly: e light multifunction instrument can effectively inhibit deep pigment cells in living, after remove spots, not easily remove spots accurately, especially for removing freckle spots of skin pigment spots.

: e light multifunction instrument to carry out the project won't be any wounds on the skin, greatly reduce the pain of the body, and does not cause side effects. E light of light energy is far lower than the traditional IPL, and operation effect is better than the IPL, while dispelling the spot does not damage the skin.

convenient operation: e light beauty instrument operation simple and quick, relatively short recovery time after operation, it is not affect people's normal life and work, it is very convenient for the busy modern people.

e light multifunction instrument originally can be carried out so many projects, to the beauty salon to bring more economic benefits, this also no wonder e light multifunction instrument is so popular.

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