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E + light skin hairdressing apparatus

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E + light leather cosmetic instrument

e light beauty instrument is multifunctional beauty, beauty salon to use more beauty instrument, waves to lift the instrument has been very popular since listed beauty instrument, today small make up to bring is a e + light skin hairdressing apparatus, combines two technologies to realize multi-usage.

e + light skin beauty instrument has many types, small make up today introduced a is suitable for salon use adsorption instrument S6C sliding OPT pulse light, another is suitable to the adsorption of mid-range beauty salon use S1C + e light beauty instrument. S1C + flash frequency instrument using adsorption technology + technology + e light IPL + RF waves lift technology, and equipped with three handles, respectively is common e light hand, adsorption, and radio frequency waves lift hand, including RF hand tools equipped with multiple bipolar operation head and unipolar operation, can meet the pull skin, face, face sculpture, V face needs, reduced fat, etc.

OPT S6C function, because the OPT pulsed light technology replaced S1C + IPL technology, therefore the operation when the pain is light, a single operating effect is good, the other is equipped with a large hand light hair removal, hair removal efficiency to another level, high performance/price ratio, and is one of the effective hair removal device, at the same time in the tender skin, remove spots, OPT relative to other technologies.

the above mentioned e + light leather cosmetic instrument are very high ratio of beauty equipment, very suitable for new openings beauty salon or haven't used instruments for beauty beauty institutions of the project.

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