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Electro-optic tuning q laser instruments

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Electro-optic tuning q laser instrument

filed tuning q laser instruments, I'm afraid that the industry is no stranger to this, this is now a common laser beauty equipment, can achieve a variety of beautiful skin function, especially the electro-optical tuning q laser instrument, for macular pigmentary lesions such as removing effect is better, with small make up to now know the electro-optical tuning q laser instruments.

electro-optic tuning Q laser equipment, is a dedicated to various spots of laser equipment. Laser can produce high energy, focus accurately monochromatic light, have a certain penetration, effects on the human body tissues in local high quantity of heat is produced. Laser remove spots and beauty is in using the characteristics of laser, to destroy the target, the target tissue to achieve the purpose of cosmetic operation.

electro-optic tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument can effectively penetrate the skin surface, reach target tissue, skin pigment heated moments, rupture, tiny particles, pigment part through the skin directly out of the body, part of consumed by macrophages with human lymphatic circulation eduction body outside, pigment spots fade away, to restore the original state of the skin.

this is simple introduction of electro-optic tuning Q laser instrument, tuning Q laser operation, after operation site clean, avoid friction, infection, and the sun, have a scab skin need to operating position falls off, do not remove the with the hand, otherwise it's easy to have a pigmentation.

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