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Eyebrow portable washing machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Portable machine wash eyebrow

the development of tattoo art particularly fast, more and more tattoo parlors appeared, and many tattoo parlors and eyebrow washing machine is needed. Many tattoo customer need door-to-door service, for tattoo parlors, may need a portable machine wash eyebrow, convenient for the further development of tattoo work, then where portable machine wash eyebrow is better?

tattoo parlors usually use laser eyebrow washing machine to wash eyebrow, mainly because of the laser wash eyebrow is more effective. Laser eyebrow washing machine using the light induced by blasting principle, high-energy laser instantaneous emission, Yu Wenmei body parts to penetrate the skin, make the pigment in the skin pigment moment gasification or blasting crushing, broken down into small pigment particles, part of the pigment particles through the epidermis eduction body outside, the other part is the body eduction body outside, of phagocyte tattoo eyeline pigment slowly disappear.

laser wash eyebrow scabby after this period of time, don't let the wound with water, can't rub is brushed, let the scab skin to fall off, also don't do strenuous exercise, lest sweat cause infection. Laser wash eyebrow after a short period of time to give up smoking and drinking can't eat spicy excitant food, also can't eat the food of dark, such as coffee, coke, etc.

where portable machine wash eyebrow is better? Shanghai method, is a professional beauty equipment manufacturer, provides conforms to the market needs of the various types of beauty equipment, laser eyebrow washing machine MV2008, MV9, MV12, etc are very popular,

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