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facial scanner skin analyzer

facial scanner skin analyzer

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skin analyzer

Skin specialist

Accurately and intuitively analysis current and future skin conditions

Detect the quality of all cosmetics which contain sunscreen ingredients

Distinguish skin changes before and after using cosmetics

Silent seller

Amplify demand:

Amplify the invisible and surface problems of the customer's skin.

Fast and accurate:

Get the most objective, accurate and simple report in the shortest time.

Consultant sales:

Persuasive--According to the skin analysis report, the intelligent professional will give clients the correct solutions, which can help to sell cosmetic products and help to do skin care treatments with beauty machines.

The modular design is better quality and easy to do maintance.
27 treatment reports, pre-recorded the projects, easy for new operator to use.
Perfect after-sales service, training
The light design ensures face uniformity.
Face-changing technology can show white light, UV light and polarized light at the same time.
The accurate rate is over 90% by using intelligent face positioning technology.
Six-spectrum design: RGB daylight, UV ultraviolet light, parallel polarized light, brown light, red light and integrated light.
Automatic shortcuts can detect different area by fast moving left and right.
The moisture test only needs to test a point on the forehead, which is convenient and accurate.
The modular design is of better quality and is easy to repair after the sale.
27 individual reports, pre-recorded with the project plan, newcomers get started quickly.
Perfect after-sales service, training.
Strong anti-interference ability
16 LED UV lights with high brightness and high intensity (which is 3 times better than 6 domestic competitors).
Proof method: Same with the theory to check the money with detector. More wires is fake.
8 special colorful filters to make UV light more pure.
Proof method: The result of acne detection is divided into red and white. Red represents new length, only pure light can detect the difference of acne.
Better image quality
With 2 key competencies:
Good lighting:
      ----24 annular surface lights for better uniform imaging;
      ----8 black special color filters, light is more pure;
      ----16 UV lights, the intensity is much higher;

 Good camera:
      ---- imported camera;
      ---- 20 million pixels;
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Company Information
Research and development
Strong R&D customization ability. Since year 2003, OEM & ODM machines have been continuously supplied to Germany, Japan, USA, France, Italy, Spain and Australia.
Provide high quality machines and professional services to 180 worldwide distributors and 2,000 beauty salons.
Vanoo machines obtained CE,  52 patents Certificate, domestic medical production license, ISO13485 certificate, product quality reach international standard.
For agent, 3 days delivery, for other customer, 7 days delivery.
Professional teachers go to the store for training, and provide operating instructions, maintenance service manuals, operation videos, online training and other services.
After sales

24-hour online service, giving customer solutions within 12 hours.
1year warranty, lifetime maintenance
Factory direct sales, guarantee quality, providing competive prices

This product is designed to be lightweight, which is especially suitable for healthcare practitioners who perform repetitive tasks for a long time. When I used this product, it fits well my machine. After a long time, it still can stand up the test of time thanks to its durability. - Said one of our customers.
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