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Skin Dialysis machine

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Hydro dynamic ultrasound face cleaning system

Hydro dynamic ultrasound face cleaning system

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skin rejuvenation

Project selling point:

Ensure 99% of lead and mercury heavy metal components in skin.
Effectively export hormones to prevent hormones.
Remove skin free radicals, effectively delay aging.
Promote skin metabolism and blood circulation.
Unblock pores and increase oxygenation
Soften keratin, anti-allergy.
Quick whitening hydration.
Prevent acne.
Reduce fat and grease, shape small V face.

Deeper:Low-frequency ultrasound atomizes the nano essence, which is easier to pass through the skin barrier and effects on the skin mesoderm.

More secure:There are more than a hundred documents from authoritative organizations demonstrate that high-frequency ultrasound can damage the stratum corneum, but low-frequency ultrasound will not. Low-frequency ultrasound importing technology is widely used in medical area.
More effective:Absorption rate increased by 1000 times = Low frequency ultrasound + Automatical & precisious output, intelligent control.
Company Information
Research and development
Strong R&D customization ability. Since year 2003, OEM & ODM machines have been continuously supplied to Germany, Japan, USA, France, Italy, Spain and Australia.
Provide high quality machines and professional services to 180 worldwide distributors and 2,000 beauty salons.
Vanoo machines obtained CE,  52 patents Certificate, domestic medical production license, ISO13485 certificate, product quality reach international standard.
For agent, 3 days delivery, for other customer, 7 days delivery.
Professional teachers go to the store for training, and provide operating instructions, maintenance service manuals, operation videos, online training and other services.
After sales

24-hour online service, giving customer solutions within 12 hours.
1year warranty, lifetime maintenance
Factory direct sales, guarantee quality, providing competive prices

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