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Instrument of laser tender skin

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser tender skin equipment

as the saying goes, & other; A white make ugly & throughout; , indicating that the skin delicate skin for visual impact, is directly related to the appearance of image. In real life, many people seek skin tender skin method, to let yourself get attractive image of laser tender skin instrument is the commonly used improve skin tender skin beauty salon equipment, get more beauty customers, now make a brief introduction of laser tender skin equipment for you.

tender skin instrument is what we call the laser tuning Q laser hairdressing salon often used instrument, divided into electric tuning Q laser instrument and passive tuning Q laser instrument, each have different models and advantages, the beauty institutions can choose according to their own requirements. Tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument equipped with a powdered carbon head operation, vervet doll project can be carried out, this is a big S highly recommended, shrink pores, tender skin, go to black, matte and the effect of desalt splash. Tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument owns 1064 nm laser pulse width, strong penetrating power, heat and light energy produced by nano carbon powder blasting to remove the skin melanin, stimulate the small blood vessels release of growth factors, can effectively make the skin collagen in, make skin white and bright luster.

laser tender skin skin, tender skin instrument can not only but also can remove chloasma, coffee spot, nevus of ota pigmentary lesions, such as for tattoo tattoo eyeline text eyeliner etc also can remove exogenous pigment pathological changes. Beauty salon to wash tattoo eyeline look line project, choose to use a single pulse energy 200 mj passive tuning Q laser instrument can, for example MV2008, MV9, etc. If you still want to wash the tattoo and remove coffee spot pigmentary lesions such as chloasma, recommend the use of more than 400 mj single pulse energy of laser tender skin equipment, pigment removing rate is higher, trustworthy and choice.

is there are several kinds of laser tender skin equipment, also have different types, and the beauty salon customers can according to their own needs to choose suitable beauty equipment,

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