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Instrument of laser tender skin

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser tender skin equipment

as the saying goes, & other; A white make ugly & throughout; , so tender skin and has become the focus of a lot of female friends, in our daily life has a lot of tender skin methods: tender skin, and so on tender skin, skin care products such as food, today small make up to bring a laser tender skin equipment.

tender skin is mainly through laser cosmetic instrument we often hear of dark and white porcelain dolls, doll main principle is to use the laser in blasting of pigment ability to blasting carbon powder, and eventually shrink pores, fade melanin remove excess aging cutin cell, make the skin white and delicate clarity. Because of blasting toner needs do not require very high energy and therefore a energy for 400 mj tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument MV11 is enough, and the instrument is not very expensive, small size, suitable for most beauty institutions.

effect in terms of small make up recommend on the use of laser tender skin at the same time equipped with a butterfly lovers water oxygen instrument operation, it is a deep skin to clean the instrument, the carbon powder blasting after completion of a certain there will be a little carbon crushed crumbs residues in the pores, although will slowly out of the body over time, but will be effect to some extent. Butterfly lovers water oxygen instrument high speed water vapor mixture particles can be effectively in-depth pores funnel area, while removing residual carbon grinding chip removing hair follicle original residual impurities, to a certain extent, increase skin tender skin effect.

can be used for tender skin laser instrument is tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, in addition to the above introduction of tender skin function, its main function is actually remove spots and wash wash tattoo, eyebrows like freckles and moles are quite common in the daily life to get rid of.

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