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Isreal Legacy anti-aging multi channel RF slimming machine

Isreal Legacy anti-aging multi channel RF slimming machine

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Venus Legacy anti-aging multi channel RF slimming machine


Technology with Cavitation, Vacuum & Multi-polar Radio Frequecny & LED 
 ---We use Multi-Polar Radio Frequecny and pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce a dense, uniform heat matrix, stimulating the body's natural helaing response. It increases collagen synthesis without pain, resulting in a dramatic improvement to the skin. 

 with below functions.

a. Inch Loss, weight loss, Fat loss
b. Body Contouring , Butt lift , Contour & Tone abdomen
c. Cellulite reduction, Boost collagen and elastin fiber production 
d. Face & Body Skin Tightenning , Butt lifting, Breast enlargement

e. Anti-aging for face and body; Wrinkle reduction 

f. Alleviate eye pouch;

g. Promote blood circulation, reduce fatigue.



Facial relax, neck relax, skin sagging, wrinkles
Dark yellow skin, large pores, poor metabolic absorption
Skin relaxation and postpartum repair
Middle-aged grow stout
S body shape
Suitable for all ladies

Bipolar RF


RF energy penetrates between the positive and negative electrodes:
More comfortable;
Low radiation and more environmentally


Multi-channel Frequency


There are three frequencies work singlely or work together
Different frequencies:
Fat layer
Collagen layer




The penetration of high RF energy in the treatment area
Increase local blood circulation
Increase local lymphatic drainage
Assist in the reduction of fat cell volume 



Skin rejuvenation





People will find it very soft and comfortable to wear with its excellent cushioning and shock absorption performance. The product creates a new lifestyle for people. It encourages people to get into an era of energy saving and pollution reduction.
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