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Latest SPA SHR IPL photo epilator

Latest SPA SHR IPL photo epilator

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In-Montion AFT SPA SHR   IPL photo epilator


Application of AFT SPA SHR      IPL photo epilator

Hair removal, Skin rejuvenation, Acne treatment, Pigmentation, Red vascular Removal.



The Specification of AFT SPA SHR    IPL photo epilator


Power: 2400W


Capacitor: 6


HR: 650-950nm


SR: 570-950nm


Pulse: Single


Pulse on: 8ms


Spot size for HR: 12*50mm


Spot size for SR: 8*40mm


Display: 10.2" colorful touch screen


Water temperature: 50 c Alarm.


Energy for SR: 1-12J/cm2


Energy for HR: 1-7J/cm2


Timer for SR: 1s, 3s, 12s.


Timer for HR: 1s,3s, 30s


Pulse repetition rate for HR: 3Hz


Pulse repetition rate for SR: 2Hz


Power: 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz


N/W: 90kg





Please just check the following info to compare the SHR technology with the ordinary IPL, then you can get the good compare.




1. What is AFT SPA SHR    IPL photo epilator




SHR is IPL SUPER HAIR REMOVAL. Use Newst AFT technology, Emit Low and Equally Fluence, Treatment is Pain-free, Stoting fast so treatment head can move on skin when treatment




2.What’s the difference bettern AFT SPA SHR IPL photo epilator and normal IPL technology.







Normal IPL



Work Mode

Multi-pulse mode

Single pulse mode

Single pulse mode can emit the energy averagely, however, multi-pulse mode focus the energy on the first pulse, which is very easy to burn patients.


400-1200nm for SR, 610-1200nm for HR

570-950nm for SR, 650-950nm for HR

TM700 filtered the violet light and infrared light, which will eradiate and absorb the water from the target skin. So TM700 hasn't any side-effect to body.

Identified Handpiece



Idenfitied function makes the operation simple, and make the treatment safety!

DEC Technology



Make sure the energy output accurate and the same with the display all the time, which makes the operation easy and safe.

Particle filter & De-ionizer filter



Prolong the life span of handpiece and machine !




Which accelerate the speed of the operation and short a lot of time for treatment!

Work technology

Stationary technology

Stationary technology and In-move technology

TM700 can use the 1/6 time to do treatment on back, leg and arm comared than normal IPL machine.

Monitor function



Which shows all of connected points in the display and monitor them all the time, which cut a lot of time for maintenance if there is any problem with TM700.

Water sensor



Which make sure the water circulation is working and prolong the life span of the xenon lamp.






  1. Why AFT SPA SHR   IPL photo epilator  is Pain-free




SHR with new AFT technology, use low and equal Energy, the special filter cut the 950-1200nm wavelength, which is useless in treatment, and produce pain feel.







4. Why AFT SPA SHR   IPL photo epilator    do Moving treatment




As the new technology, IPL SHR max Reach 3 shots/second, others only 1 shot/seond, , SHR can do moving treatment because of:




1. Advanced Software designed by Chinese Academy of Scienses. Who is the biggest and most professional Sciense Academy in China now.


2. Supper Hardware: 2400W+6 Capacitor Power Case now only Vanoo in China use this Power case, all other company in China who claim their product is 2400 W or more is lie.


3. Excellent quality Falsh lamp. Use Germany Hearaus lamp, Kindly Note in Shanghai Only Vanoo Laser cooperate with Germany Hearaus lamp. Others who claim using Germany Hereaus lamp are all cheating clients.



Special advantage of Vanoo and AFT SPA SHR   IPL photo epilator TM700 Machine


  1. We are the first and unique company in china to produce SHR-AFT technology, our machine has been approved in the market more than 2 years, developed many excellent distributor and chain beauty salon, now we are very famous in the Europe and America Market, more and more distributor like to be exclusive agent for our machine, but some of our exclusive agent can only sell the machine in the market now. Wish we can do well for your market too.
  2. We have MCE Certificate for the machine, now are applying FDA for USA market, so the quality is approved by international certificated institution.
  3. We improved the technology for Alma SHR technology with the special advantages as following:


Handpiece- identification automatically


Monitor of Water Flow, Water Temperature, Handpiece Connection, Water Level to make sure cooling system, machine, patient and operator 100% safe


  1. 6 Capacitor, 2400W Power Supply Technology Design to make sure the super energy, even for Light Color Hair Removal, most important is Faster Treatment result 1.5 times faster than ordinary IPL
  2. Balanced energy output to make pain-free & Comfortable treatment, even for darker skin, we did export to India and Africa market for this model, most important it is safe to avoid burning.
  3. Very Excellent Cooling system: Super Water Tank, Semi-Conductor, Fans, Monitor of Cooling system to make sure the machine can work no downtime at least 8 hours.
  4. There is special and unique technology that we cooperate with the Spain software company to develop the “Remote Control manger system”, that help the chain salon like yours can remote control your salon and machines with internet, can don’t need to come to the site, that’s very most advanced manage software technology for Chain salon management.
  5. We are in very professional experience to work for distributor, chain salon for technology and after sale service support.


The above info is our special advantage, QC and service for you, so, wish you can choose us as a trustable supporter for your brand for the machine, quality, and service, most important is even software management proposal together, we are not only a supplier, we like to work as a supporter and proposal server, thus can only work with the cooperator for long and stable relation, just like to develop with you well together in your market for your brand.




Treatment Result (Before&After) of AFT SPA SHR   IPL photo epilator


  Vanoo  Company to produce AFT SPA SHR    IPL photo epilator

Vanoo Certificate of AFT SPA SHR  IPL photo epilator


Vanoo Fair to show AFT SPA SHR   IPL photo epilator


Vanoo Logistic to ship AFT SPA SHR      IPL photo epilator



The product not only helps prevent ankle sprains, but also helps achieve a nice blend of comfort, protection, and ground feel. The product's shock absorption system guarantees comfort and provides support so as to prevent foot fatigue and ease foot pain.
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