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Mid-infrared lattice laser cosmetic instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Mid-infrared lattice laser cosmetic instrument - International scar operation instrument

scar, is because the skin is external damage, such as burns, burns, severe trauma after various scar formation. Will be raised with the skin surface, if the scar in the skin is easily exposed parts, especially in the face, arm, etc. , can give a person spiritual caused great damage. Now, there is a kind of beauty equipment can help patients to eliminate this obstacle, that is in the infrared laser cosmetic machine, it is a international scar operation instrument, to dispel scar have good effect.

in the infrared lattice laser technology, is Shanghai's after years of research and development. HONKON mid-infrared lattice laser skin reconstruction system, the use of fiber laser emission wavelength of 1550 nm laser, for the water in the skin tissue target tissue, in the part of the laser to generate a certain amount of hot stripped, a small amount of hot solidification and a certain amount of heat effect. Thermal effect can cause collagen fiber shrinkage, thermal coagulation can cause a lot of new collagen, thus to achieve the effect of leather frame structure reconstruction. The operation scar, stretch marks, chloasma has obvious operation effect, make the skin fine texture. Bright luster. It can be said that the infrared lattice laser cosmetic instrument is the beauty equipment operation scar.

operation scar, chloasma, is urgently needed. Shanghai method of lattice laser series beauty equipment is an international product. If you are

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