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More than 755 picosecond laser laser remove spots with good effect

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Than 755 picosecond laser laser remove spots with good effect is

755 picosecond laser once fired, known as a remove splash effect is good. But, as the saying goes, no comparison, no damage, 755 remove splash effect is good, but still couldn't help comparing, small make up today is to introduce the effect of a - 755 picosecond laser laser remove spots - with good effect Stefano BigpicV laser remove spots, we analyse the technical parameters are below.

755 picosecond laser is 755 nm wavelength, but not suitable for our Fitzpatrick IV skin; Stefano BigpicV for dual wavelength of 1064 nm and 532 nm, very suitable for our Fitzpatrick IV skin, and especially in some small manufacturers to buy equipment, its pigment break ability compared with traditional tuning Q and no obvious improvement, its relative Yu Fanuo 6 ns tuning Q laser and even less a lot.

the same light spot size, the higher the power, the greater the power density, the higher ability to shatter pigment, made in guangzhou & other; Picosecond & throughout; With BigpicV far.

BigpicV parameter is superior to the corresponding false picosecond of origin, but the price is very cheap, HONKON do so why? Because stefano provide strong after-sale policy for you, let you reassure buyers!

stefano laser remove discoloration cosmetic instrument BigpicV subsidies in the sales, all instruments to the store without annealing machine, we will again next month pricing, beauty industry in need a friend, please hurry up to order,

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