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Multi-function opt instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Multi-function opt instrument

because of age, environmental pollution, endocrine disorders, such as human skin prone to pore bulky, the skin is dark yellow, brown spots, sagging skin, bring many troubles to beautiful people. Opt hairdressing instrument is a kind of practical multi-function instrument, tender skin, remove spots and hair removal, etc. , can help people solve the skin problems, now we know the multi-function opt instrument in detail.

OPT hairdressing instrument is an instrument of photon upgrade, is in the original IPL + RF + epidermis cooling, on the basis of increased the flat square wave technology, characteristic is under the support of high-power power supply, can realize equilibrium stability of the continuous light-emitting, thermal damage to the skin, effectively avoid invalid spectrum operations, beautiful skin effect is good. OPT instrument beautiful skin do not harm the skin, can according to different skin type, lesion characteristics and problems of different nature, personalize the operation, the main functions are:

1, tender skin and anti-wrinkle. OPT tender skin effect is superior to the traditional photon tender skin, it is one of the traditional photon tender skin upgrade, the effect of the instrument performance improved greatly, especially to tighten skin, remove wrinkles, improve skin texture, shrink the pores, and therefore is a kind of sense of delicate skin.

2, operation pigment disease and vascular lesions of the skin. It can well purify skin shallow pigment such as freckles, age spots, also can better solve the problem of skin red blood vessels, and performance improvement, avoids the operation of the photon tender skin, often appear skin burns, etc.

3, hair removal. OPT photon hair removal technology, is the use of melanin in the hair follicle cells to absorb certain wavelengths of light, make the hair follicles produce heat, so as to selectively destroy the hair follicle, while avoid damage to the surrounding tissue to remove the effect of hair. OPT photon hair removal and fast, comfortable, less. Only a slight tingling in rare skin burns.

these are for multi-function OPT instrument, OPT beautiful skin after operation, pay attention to prevent bask in hydrating, fasting, photosensitive foods such as celery, leek, parsley, etc. , avoid spicy and drink and smoke, and so on,

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