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Multi-functional skin detector

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Multi-functional skin detector

judge skin problems in the traditional beauty is judging experienced hairdresser with the naked eye, but only can judge the situation on the surface of the skin, the dermis chloasma, skin moisture content, etc. It is difficult to make accurate judgment, is this time need a multi-functional skin detector.

multifunctional skin detector is respectively by three spectra showed the skin conditions on the computer, and through the skin conditions with hundreds of thousands of big data contrast, accurate given by detection of skin problems. As mentioned above the true skin spots, wrinkles, skin moisture content, the condition of sebum, acne acne problem, the pores of the skin roughness and so on can be clear at a glance.

there are 4 multi-functional skin detector, respectively is TC01, TC02, STC01, STC02, including TC01 is equipped with two spectrum detection, the remaining three apparatus is equipped with three spectrum detection, three spectrum detection and relatively comprehensive, the data is also given with the real condition of close to the skin.

there another skin detector and a common use of probes, direct contact with the skin, through the study of the amplification of contact area to determine the skin condition, although this can also be called skin detector but this test can only detect the skin some basic conditions, even the diagnosis is need to manipulate human judgment, so there is a big error, nothing actually help to the diagnosis.

multifunctional skin detector is introduced here, if you are interested to know more, please you directly in the center of our products find relevant introduction or contact online customer service.

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