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Multifunctional beauty has become a reality

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Multifunctional beauty has become a reality

a cosmetic instrument implement multiple hairdressing operation projects are all beauty institutes, expectations is what should be the needs of our beauty salon friends, Shanghai method through more than 10 years of development, to produce more multi-function cosmetology instrument, now, we will introduce a series of - Multifunctional laser operation - YILIYA - MV11。

first of all, let's look at the characteristics of this kind of multifunctional laser operation, it is a single pulse energy of more than 400 mj table type passive tuning Q laser operation of pigment, the pigment removing rate is 12 times more than ordinary laser pigment operation; Operation for patients with pain is common laser operation of pigment is one over twelve. Super lightweight compact appearance, combined with its effect can be comparable to the $100000 mainframe want to. The laser operation is laser pigment shatter effect outstanding colleagues for the blisters in the ordinary laser operation surgery and scar.

second, combining with the characteristics of this kind of laser operation is let's take a look at it can be used for those item.

1, tattoo pigment according to the removing rate, it can be used to operate a tattoo, for many exogenous pigment skin problems, such as tattoos, eyebrow tattoo, tattoo pigment skin lesions

2, it can cooperate with special vervet doll head easily do project operation, can easily achieve tender skin, shrink pores, fade melanin, beautiful white, to black and the effect of the containment.

in addition, in addition to the laser operation instrument series, there are many other multi-function cosmetology instrument, welcome

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