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Operating range of laser operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser operation is the operating range of

laser operation is a series of cosmetology instrument believe no stranger to everyone. When we are walking in the street, meet a beauty salon, laser operating various pigment pathological changes this kind of words we often see. So, what is the laser operation? Laser operation scope of operation? Let's learn about deeply.

method of laser operation is divided into two categories: active tuning Q laser series and passive tuning Q laser series. The so-called laser laser is one of human great inventions in the 20th century, and is widely used in many fields. Low intensity laser operation has certain clinical value of the home and abroad. Literature search found mainly used in the operation of brain, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, vicious, leukemia, psychiatric problems, such as psoriasis, rhinitis disease. According to the health and medical discovery, low degree of laser on the pathogenesis of cardio-cerebrovascular disease incidence of early prevention and recovery after all good, for health and inhibit the aging has a certain use. So, in the beauty industry, each big beauty equipment company is how to use laser to operate a variety of pigmentary lesions?

Shanghai method of using electro-optical tuning Q laser operation mode, the pulse width is only a few nanoseconds ( Different hairdressing instruments have different pulse width) , pulse energy is as high as hundreds of milli coke, instantaneous emission laser energy break diseased tissue basement, namely the light induced by blasting. Laser energy instantaneous emission which ACTS on the target tissue, in a very short time corresponding basement absorb light energy is heated rapidly expanding instantaneous blasting fragmentation, part of the basement fracture after discharge from the skin in vitro, part of the basement fracture into tiny particles can be consumed by macrophages, after digestion by macrophages through lymphatic loop out of the body, the lesion of basement gradually decrease and eventually disappear, and the surrounding normal tissues due to do not absorb or rarely absorbs almost no damage, postoperative don't need to have a rest. According to the principle of operation of this kind of beauty equipment, we take a look at.

laser operation scope of operations:

endogenous skin pigmentary lesions such as: nevus of ota, ITO, mole, zygomatic brown blue nevus, coffee spot, freckles, etc.

exogenous pigment skin problems such as: tattoos, tattoo eyeline, etc.

with special operation head easily implement tender skin, shrink pores, fade melanin, etc.

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