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Operating striae of pregnancy with what instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Striae of pregnancy with what instrument operation

operation gravid grain project is a lot of postnatal care as the main project of beauty institutions will be conducted, gravid grain production of small make up said no longer believe that everyone has been very clear, today small make up to share the operating striae of pregnancy with what instrument?

the first stretch marks is due to pregnancy dermis collagen fiber and elastic fiber fracture, so want to get rid of stretch marks is to try to restore the body of the original collagen and elastic fibers, and to bring the original has broken leather fiber improve good is impossible, then we need to encourage the two fiber freshmen to replace has been broken.

to be able to function in the dermis to stimulate leather fibre newborn there are two main types of instruments, kind is a lattice co2 laser cosmetic instrument, the second is the original hot maggie. Lattice mainly using laser energy is emitted by a laser focal spot, hydrothermal gasification peeling off site, to produce density must be stripped holes, these holes in the improvement of the skin after peeling of stimulating collagen fiber and protein fiber, thus achieved the effect to improve stretch marks. Hot maggie is using high energy E of high frequency wave generated a large amount of heat stimulation inside dermal collagen constantly produce new and eventually replace broken fiber. Both instruments at the same time in the operation of stretch marks can remove wrinkle resistance failure to effect, so in addition to carry out striae of pregnancy operation project anti-wrinkle fight decline project also is pretty good.

operation striae of pregnancy with what instrument small make up have been introduced to you, summarize the lattice co2 laser and thermal maggie, customers need to know the details you can directly

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