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OPT cosmetic instrument hair removal needs to pay attention to

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
OPT cosmetic instrument hair removal need to pay attention to what the

now is April, that is not far from the summer, it let the hair is too long, too much beauty for fear of the excess hair damage its image, dare not to show ego charm in their own beautiful clothes. OPT cosmetic instrument is one of the beauty salon now common equipment, freezing point can be hair removal, help hair beautiful people solve the trouble, but OPT beauty instrument hair removal need pay attention to?

OPT beauty hair removal is to use the selective principle of field instrument, through the reasonable adjust the wavelength of light, light can penetrate the skin surface to be absorbed by the hair follicles, through the choice to OPT light energy absorption, break down the follicle lose hair the birth ability, and at the same time does not damage the surrounding tissue. Because of the hair follicle endothermic necrosis of irreversible process, OPT light hair removal can achieve the result of hair removal. OPT cosmetic instrument after depilation note:

1, the skin after hair removal can't exposure in the sun.

2, can't bubble bath, can't sauna, cannot use too hot water elution hair skin, can't rub zao.

3, can't eat spicy or strong excitant food.

4, no other way of hair removal, physical methods and chemical methods, otherwise may cause skin inflammation, cause pigmentation.

5, vitamin c can improve skin resistance, reduce pigment generation, adding more vitamin c.

6, don't squeeze, press and rub the skin appear red dot.

7, try not to use cleanser or protect skin to taste, to reduce the burden of skin.

these are the depilation of OPT hairdressing apparatus need to pay attention to what a simple introduction, OPT instrument not only can realize freezing hair removal, can also carry out the tender skin, remove spots and wrinkles beauty project, is a practical multi-function cosmetology instrument,

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