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Opt hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Opt depilation instrument

if you want to have a good external image in the summer of next year, so now should start for hair removal. Can you then short skirt, condole belt, to show off their skin. Opt hair removal instrument is now beauty salon often buy a device, method, small make up then for your detailed introduce:

hair growth cycle generally has three phases: phase, regression phase and stationary phase. Only in the growth period of time for optical hair removal can achieve good effect. In general, is 4 - to the human hair regression 5 months, so the hair removal can't be once completed, you usually need to 3 - Five hair removal, ability achieves the hair removal effect. Hair removal in general in about half a year time span is normal. So, from now on for hair removal, until next summer when just can show smooth delicate skin.

opt pulse instrument operation by using the principle of selective absorption of light, by the spring in the hair shaft and follicle of intense pulsed light absorption, heat to the hair follicle, hair follicle temperature rise rapidly and necrosis, so as to remove the effect of hair. Opt cosmetic instrument is applied to the skin tissue intense pulsed light and heat effect and light chemical action, make the skin deep collagen fiber and elastic fiber rearrange, restore skin elasticity, make facial skin wrinkles to eliminate or reduce. Also can penetrate the skin, is organized pigment group and the blood vessels in the selective absorption priority, on the premise of not damage the normal skin, make the blood coagulation, pigment group and pigment cells are destroyed, decomposition, so as to improve blood capillary dilate, solve the effect of pigment spots.

that's opt related content of hair removal apparatus is introduced

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