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OPT instrument hair removal

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
OPT instrument depilate how

a confident woman, nature is little not powerful aura, but also because of a little annoying maomao let you fear hand and foot? Now it is in March, the weather gradually warming, depilate now, summer can show good self charm. OPT commonly used cosmetic instrument is a kind of beauty salon equipment, tender skin, can remove spots and hair removal, but OPT instrument hair removal? Small make up to look at the now.

OPT beauty equipment using the optical selective solar-thermal kinetic principle, through the reasonable adjust the wavelength of light, light can penetrate the skin surface eventually absorbed by the hair follicles, through the choice to OPT light energy absorption, break down the follicle lose hair the birth ability, and at the same time does not damage the surrounding tissue. Because of the hair follicle endothermic necrosis of irreversible process, OPT hair removal is to be able to achieve the result of hair removal instrument.

OPT cosmetic instrument hair removal can solve the traditional hair removal is facing two big problems: pain and slow, implementation, fast hair removal, patients can fully enjoy the relaxed and comfortable hair removal process. OPT instrument selected wavelength only ACTS on the melanin, normal tissue to the skin and hair removal method is a relatively, does not affect the normal perspiration function.

OPT instrument hair removal? OPT cosmetic instrument USES the pulsed light technology, output is balanced and stable Fang Xingbo, it improves the effect of skin and sex, Shanghai's laser beauty equipment companies have different styles of OPT instrument,

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