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Opt multi-function cosmetology instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Opt multifunctional beauty

now beauty salon in order to increase revenue, improve turnover, most will choose to buy beauty equipment. Opt of multifunctional beauty is high cost performance of a beauty equipment on the market, the following method, small make up for you to do detailed introduction:

stefano adsorption multi-function optical pulse series are manipulated, xf30ezx, xf30ezx01 and s8c beauty instrument, opt multi-function cosmetology instrument with three characteristics: excellent sex: adsorption function can weaken the skin to absorb the light energy e, significantly improve the effect of quality, compared with the ordinary e light. Good comfort: because of the skin to absorb light energy reduction, to decrease pain, adsorption function to increase the operation of the patient's comfort. Excellent effect: the adsorption function of the energy to focus on target tissue, operating frequency decreased significantly compared with ordinary e light.

opt all-in-one manipulated with standard two handle, respectively is F + E, F + EH hand tools, including F + E handlers of the filter can be arbitrary switching, tender skin, remove spots, pigmentary lesions can be operation, such as hair removal project. Type F + EH un-experienced operator, the adsorption energy hand make a focused on the target tissue, operation pain significantly reduced, less operation, operation time is short.

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