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OPT multi-function cosmetology instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
OPT multifunctional beauty

cosmetic instrument on the market now is more, the new open a shop of beauty salon owner doesn't know how to choose appropriate beauty instrument, OPT multifunctional beauty the function is all ready, tender skin, spot, hair removal can be carried out multiple projects, such as beauty salon is a good choice.

Opt cosmetic instrument is the hairdressing technology such as photons, E light after a high level of different type of revolution, to say the Opt is a high technological and high intelligent beauty equipment. Using selective principle of pyrolysis, the use of melanin in the hair follicle cells to absorb certain wavelengths of light, make the hair follicles produce heat, to selectively destroy the hair follicle, can achieve the result of hair removal.

OPT pulsed light is a new technology of intelligent beauty. OPT technically fast hair removal device, the function is relatively complete, is a beauty salon, reshaping organization comprehensively an ideal equipment for the program. OPT hairdressing apparatus can be hair removal, remove spots, broken capillaries and tender skin, OPT hairdressing apparatus solves the e light out of the light is not stable, the disadvantages of poor effect.

OPT multifunctional beauty, beauty salon open to consider equipment. Want to buy friends can log in Shanghai stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Web site

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