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OPT multi-function cosmetology instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
OPT multifunctional beauty

the skin of people affected by many factors, spots, dark yellow, big pores and other problems, this is frustrating, physical and mental aspects of the damage. OPT multi-function cosmetology instrument can not only remove spots, tender skin, wrinkles, etc. , can also be sex is higher, is a kind of beauty beauty institutions practical instrument, then OPT multifunctional beauty what are the advantages?

OPT multifunctional beauty is photon technology upgrade, change the light output mode, can rapid succession in the process of operation, is called a flat square wave. OPT multi-function cosmetology instrument of pulsed light to subcutaneous energy is balanced and stable, not like the traditional e light beauty equipment first pulse energy is higher, time pulse energy decay gradually, so as to avoid burns. OPT beauty equipment to operate fast, customer experience is relatively comfortable, can achieve a variety of beautiful skin effect.

OPT beauty equipment is suitable for various spots, such as freckles, spots, age spots and pigment, can the annoyance overall effective solutions to different spots. OPT multi-function cosmetology instrument USES the technology of IPL head operation, and a variety of professional filter, targeted to different skin problems for operation, eliminate small fine lines, improve rough, shrink pore, enhance skin elasticity.

OPT multi-function cosmetology instrument can carry out hair removal, remove spots, acne, skin and so on some beauty project, operation process is relatively comfortable, such as S7C, manipulated, and so on,

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