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Opt multifunction beauty equipment manufacturers

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Opt multifunction beauty equipment manufacturer

every season to hair removal, skin care, every beauty industry boss want to have a multifunction beauty equipment, can be multi-usage, save money and save space, it is said that opt multifunction beauty equipment is good, is there a better opt multifunction beauty equipment manufacturers can be trusted?

opt multifunctional beauty is every beauty studio, and even the big beauty salon needs a beauty instrument, because it has a hair removal, tender skin, remove spots, broken capillaries, acne, and other functions, and the effect is higher than ordinary 3 - e light beauty equipment 5 times. Stefano multi-functional opt beauty instrument S8C beauty equipment factory is an excellent multi-function cosmetology instrument, it has four un-experienced operator, the large flare un-experienced operator and F F + E + E + operator, equipped with different band filter can do different beautiful skin. A large adsorption flare hand F + EH un-experienced operator, operation, operation, and is equipped with a small light spot un-experienced operator with either I + E hand, can be operated for small parts, such as do lip hair, with a combination of four handle, no dead Angle can be 360 degrees.

popularization and figure out how to choose filter for everybody, 430 - The 1200 - nm filter are suitable for making the acne; 530 - The 1200 - nm filter suitable for delicate skin; 585 - 1200 - nm filter is suitable for to red blood silk projects; 610 - 1200 - nm filter suitable for hair removal project, and then on the selection of filter must be accurate, only the correct use of filter can achieve good effect.

opt multifunction beauty equipment is recommended to use beauty equipment factory, Shanghai, after all,

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